Audiophile Records Inc.: Saturday, June 1st , 11AM

Audiophile Records Inc.: A Vision at 78 & 33 1/3 RPM.

Please join us for this presentation on the history of AUDIOPHILE RECORDS Inc. from Saukville, Wisconsin and his creator Ewing D. Nunn.

For almost twenty years (1947-1969), AUDIOPHILE Records Inc. from Saukville, Wisconsin captured for posterity diverse music artists in different genres. This musical and technological adventure was the product of a visionary man named Ewing D. Nunn (1900-1976), inventor, entrepreneur and above all, fan of good music and believer in high quality sound recording. These records in their beautifully red ruby color, are part of a catalog composed of a hundred albums, and their story is something that the Oscar Grady Library is eager to share .

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