History’s Bookmark Night, Tuesday, November 26th, 6PM

The Stories Behind the Essays in Aldo Leopold’s Sand County Almanac

Aldo Leopold is best known for his 1949 book, A Sand County Almanac, but the story of how that famous contribution to conservation literature came to be is unknown to most. Few know that the book had been rejected by several publishers who concluded there would be no readership for such a book. Leopold learned that his book would be published only weeks before he died in 1948, and he never saw it in print. It took almost 20 years for the book to finally gain an appreciative readership when the modern environmental movement emerged in the 1960s. Since then A Sand County Almanac has been considered the movement’s bible. Professor Stan Temple reveals dozens of engaging stories behind Leopold’s essays and explains why the book’s timeless yet timely message still resonates 70 years after it was first published.

Calling all history buffs to join us for our History’s Bookmark Night, our very own history club at the library.

Each month a subject will be discussed through a selected reading list. Join us for an informative evening exploring many different historical events, while sharing opinions, information and anecdotes with others.

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