Adult Recipe Club, Tuesday, July 2nd, 6 p.m.

The world beyond MOON PIES!

June is National Diary Month and what better way to celebrate it than at our Adult Recipe Club.

Calling all cookbook lovers & food enthusiasts! The library’s recipe club is looking for members! Gourmet chef skills are not required- it’s a great way to learn from others and share your best tips while testing out fun new recipes!

July will be all about the moon we will be taking a trip to the moon through dishes unleashing your cooking creativity. Come up with something original, as long as the word “moon” (or related term) makes it into the recipe: moon noodles, crescent rolls, lunar cake, etc.. Bring samples of your food and a copy of the recipe to share with the group. Registration is required for participation and we are always looking for new members! Join us any time!