Free wifi icon sticker. Vector black wifi sign. Wireless Network icon for wlan free access design

Last week one of our patrons inquired about use of wi-fi since our building is closed. Our WIFI is FREE and still working. If you do need wi-fi connection to apply for unemployment, look for jobs or simply take a break and download a book, watch a tv series or anything else, this is what you can do:

1-Park your car at the library parking lot or have a sit on our outside bench near the main entrance.
2-Go to settings on your device and allow your device to pick up our signal.
3-click on LibraryPublic and you should be connected.

Please note that the farther from the building you are the weaker (if any) the signal will be. Park as closely possible but also be mindful of others and allow others to use it as well by self measuring how much time you spend on the free network.