We have two (2) ZOO PASSES available to be checked out allowing free admission to the Milwaukee County ZOO for up to eight (8) people plus parking each.

Our passes are available under reservation for which a calendar is open on a first come first serve basis to place a your name on it. You can either call us or inquire about it and place your reservation next time you visit us.

Passes are checked out in the following way:

TUESDAYS (check out) to THURSDAYS (check in)

FRIDAYS (check out) to MONDAYS (check in)

Passes need to be picked up and returned at the Oscar Grady Public Library.

For more information on the policy applicable to this item, please click or tap on the below linked file access:

Institution Pass Policy

The above linked PDF file contains all the information regarding our policy for checking out of the Milwaukee Public ZOO PASS.

For any other questions, please give us a call at 262-284-6022

Thank you.